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Talks from the Community

Today we want to share 3 talks by the Flyway community with you. These are great resources for diving into or deepening your knowledge of Flyway.

Spring Boot and database migrations with Flyway

by Marcio Marinho (2016-03-29)

Marcio shows how to integrate Spring Boot and Flyway and make the most out of this great combination.

Come fly with me: Database Migrations Patterns with Flyway

by Joris Kuipers (2017-11-02)

Joris provides solutions to a number of more advanced Flyway questions which you will most certainly run into at some point on your projects.

Continuous Database Integration with Flyway

by Sandra Parsick (2018-02-08)

Sandra is currently touring various events around Germany talking about Continuous Database Integration with Flyway and how to make things even better by integration TestContainers.

Here are her slides:

You can also watch her live at any of these upcoming events:


Enjoy these talks! And in case you missed it Flyway 5.0.7 is out is out with a number of fixes so don’t forget to update.

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