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1,000,000 Docker image pulls

One full month has now passed since the release of Flyway 5.1.0. Here is an update on a number of Flyway-related events and releases that happened since!

1,000,000 Docker image pulls

As part of the Flyway 5.0.0 we launched official Docker images for Flyway.

Docker Hub

And the reception has been incredible! Since launching them in December they have now been pulled over 1 million times!

Docker 1M+

So if you use Docker, make sure to take the Flyway images for a spin (if haven’t done so already).

Flyway 5.1.3 release

This past month has also see a number bug fix releases for Flyway. With Flyway 5.1.3 being the latest one. As usual you can find the list of fixes in the release notes.

As a number of important issues have been addressed, all Flyway users are encouraged to upgrade.

PowerShell integration by the community


Earlier this month Craig Davidson also released an interactive PowerShell CLI for Flyway. So if you are a PowerShell user, make sure to check it out!

The road ahead

Work on Flyway 5.2.0 is already progressing nicely. We have a number of exciting features in store for you!

We’ll be back for another update next month. Until then, happy migrating!

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