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Upcoming Events in Q1 2015

After an incredible 2014 it is time to get the gears rolling for 2015!

We have a number of very exciting events in store for Q1, both in Europe an in the US.


Following last November's release of Flyway 3.1, this quarter will see the release of the upcoming Flyway 3.2.

Expect a commandline deliverable with zero required external dependencies, support additional databases and many small improvements and bug fixes.

Talks and Trainings

Axel Fontaine, Flyway's creator, will be delivering a number of talks and trainings across Europe and the US.

Axel Fontaine presenting


If you are in Munich, Stockholm or Belfast, you will have the chance to attend his two-day Architecting Continuous Delivery and Zero Downtime course (also available privately on demand at your company), where you will learn how to tackle the hard challenges in your application architecture to successfully make the transition to Continuous Delivery and Zero Downtime. An important part of this are the database changes, and this course will give you all the battle-tested techniques you need, so you can make optimal use of Flyway to make it a success.

Jan 26-27, 2015 Munich (last seats!)
Feb 05-06, 2015 Stockholm (Jfokus) (last seats!)
Mar 30-31, 2015 Belfast



Axel Fontaine will also be coming to DevNexus in Atlanta this year to deliver a number of talks. One of them will be Flyway - Database Migration made easy. This will be a great talk for you whether you are just getting started with Flyway or looking to learn more advanced database migration techniques.

Mar 11, 2015 Atlanta (DevNexus)


Looking forward to see you at one of these events!

P.S.: If you are organizing a Flyway event this year, get in touch and we'll gladly announce it here.

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