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Flyway 5.2.3 Released

Here are a few updates since last month’s Flyway 5.2.0 release:

  • Flyway 5.2.3 released
  • 2,000,000 Official Docker Image pulls
  • Micronaut integration
  • Trial license keys now work with Pro and Enterprise Edition

Flyway 5.2.3 released

On the releases front, we have now pushed out 3 minor updates to Flyway 5.2.0, the latest one being Flyway 5.2.3 which was released today.

These updates contain fixes for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. In addition to those we have also integrated support for a few additional Oracle SQL*Plus commands as well as extended the functionality of Error Overrides.

All users are encouraged to check the release notes and upgrade.

2,000,000 Official Docker Image pulls


In June, we announced that the official Flyway Docker image had passed 1,000,000 downloads. We are now happy to announce that not even 5 months later the 2,000,000 mark has now been crossed. The choice to distribute Flyway via an official Docker Image has definitely proven to be the right one!

Micronaut integration


In the JVM world the Micronaut framework has been generating a lot of buzz lately. We are happy to share with you that there is now also an official Flyway integration for it, which we have also linked from our Community Plugins page.

Trial license keys now work with Pro and Enterprise Edition

In order to simplify things, we have eliminated the separate Flyway Trial Edition. Instead you can now simply request a trial license key and use it directly with Flyway Pro or Enterprise Edition.

This means that after you upgrade, you only need to update the license key and you can keep on use the software as-is.

Looking Ahead

Work on Flyway 6.0.0 is already well under way. We have lots of great features in store and we are aiming for a release in Q1 2019. We wish you all a great holiday season until then!

Flyway is brought to you with by Axel Fontaine, Boxfuse and the many contributors.

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