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Flyway 6.0.0-beta Released

With work for Flyway 6.0.0 well underway, we are releasing an early-access preview of some of the upcoming new features.

Flyway 6.0.0-beta comes with the following additions and changes:

  • Brand new parser, completely rebuilt from the ground up for better performance, lower memory consumption and vastly improved handling of some of the edge cases the old parser had been struggling with for years
  • PostgreSQL 11 support
  • CockroachDB 2.1 support
  • SQL Server 2019 support
  • MariaDB 10.4 support
  • Gradle 5.x support
  • Pre-instantiated Java-based migrations support, enabling DI-frameworks to instantiate and wire them up for you
  • Removal of deprecated features
  • Many bug fixes across the board

This is a beta release which, although very stable, we do not recommend to deploy in production just yet.

You can find a detailed list of issues fixed in the release notes.

It is intended to give you a preview of some of the upcoming features. We’ll take a deeper dive into all these features as part of the announcement of the final release.

Until then, please give Flyway 6.0.0-beta a try in your dev environments and let us know if any issues come up, so that we can fix them in time for the final release.


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