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Flyway 6.2.2 Released


We are pleased to announce that Flyway 6.2.2 has been released. This version contains some changes that affect users of two specific databases - if you’re using other databases then there’s no urgency to upgrade from 6.2.1.

  • For CockroachDB, we employ a retrying strategy should any migrations result in a lock timeout. This should resolve some situations where migrations currently fail.
  • Some bugs around MariaDB have been fixed.

You can find a detailed list of issues fixed in the release notes.

You may have noticed that we’ve upped the frequency of patch releases recently. For the foreseeable future we hope to release weekly, provided that there is something to release in that week, so that we get issues resolved more quickly. These posts should give you an indication of who will benefit from each version as it goes live - we don’t expect anyone to need to upgrade every week!

Download it now and enjoy!

You can download Flyway 6.2.2 now! We recommend you upgrade if you are affected by any of the issues logged in the release notes.

Flyway is brought to you with by the Redgate team: Julia Hayward, Philip Liddell, and Mikiel Agutu, with a lot of help from Axel Fontaine as well as the many contributors.

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