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Flyway 6.4 Released

Flyway 6.4.0 is out! This release contains new features and improvements over Flyway 6.3.0.


  • Allow wildcard patterns in the locations configuration option
  • In the CLI, read configuration from standard input
  • In the CLI, don’t prompt for username and password for Azure AD auth types

You can find a detailed list of the changes in the release notes.

Configuration from standard input

You can now provide configuration options to the standard input of the Flyway command line. Flyway will expect such configuration to be in the same format as a configuration file.

This allows you to compose Flyway with other operations. For instance, you can use gpg to encrypt a configuration file, including database credentials, then pipe the decrypted configuration into Flyway.

Encrypt the config file:

> gpg -e -r "John Smith" flyway.conf

Decrypt the file and pipe it to Flyway:

> gpg -d -q flyway.conf.gpg | flyway info -configFiles=-

See the documentation for more details.

Wildcard locations

Locations can now contain wildcard patterns. This allows matching against a path pattern instead of a single path. Supported wildcards:

  • ** : Matches any 0 or more directories
    • e.g. db/**/test will match db/version1.0/test, db/version2.0/test, db/development/version/1.0/test but not db/version1.0/release
  • * : Matches any 0 or more non-separator characters
    • e.g. db/release1.* will match db/release1.0, db/release1.1, db/release1.123 but not db/release2.0)
  • ? : Matches any 1 non-separator character
    • e.g. db/release1.? will match db/release1.0, db/release1.1 but not db/release1.11

Download it now and enjoy!

You can download Flyway 6.4.0 now! We recommend you upgrade if you are affected by any of the issues logged in the release notes.

Flyway is brought to you with by the Redgate team: Julia Hayward, Philip Liddell, and Mikiel Agutu, with a lot of help from Axel Fontaine as well as the many contributors.

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