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Gradle Plugin Portal

Hot on the heels of our Flyway 3.2 release, it is time to start leveraging some of the improvements that happened under the hood.

Gradle Plugin Portal

Lately the Gradle team has been making it easier and easier to both find and use plugins. To find plugins, they now have their own dedicated searchable portal.

We are happy to announce that starting with Flyway 3.2 the Flyway Gradle Plugin is now available there too:

Gradle Plugin Portal


And that's is just the beginning. If you are using Gradle 2.1 or newer and you've already switched to our new plugin id org.flywaydb.flyway you can now start using the new and improved plugin syntax too:

plugins {
    id "org.flywaydb.flyway" version "3.2.1"

Using Flyway with Gradle has never been easier!

Flyway 3.2.1 bug fix release

If you are using Oracle, we strongly encourage you to skip Flyway 3.2 and go straight for 3.2.1. The 3.2 release contains an unfortunate regression in the parser, which has now been fixed.

Find all the details in the release notes.


Enjoy the Gradle improvements and this minor release. We have many more exciting changes in store for the next few months!

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