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Flyway Homebrew Formula

Last month the Flyway 3.2 and 3.2.1 releases came with a number of improvements to the command-line tool.

In fact the command-line tool has seen tremendous growth and is now by far the most popular way to use Flyway. And it turns out (surprise surprise) a large number of you are using Mac OSX.

The 3.2 release made it easier to run Flyway on your Mac, by bundling a private JRE, removing the need to install Java separately and ensuring the bundled version always works perfectly with Flyway.

However, many Mac users these days prefer to install their software another way...


And now thanks to the awesome contribution of Flyway and Homebrew user Frode, we now have a Flyway Homebrew Formula!

For OSX users using Homebrew installing Flyway is now as simple as typing

$ brew install flyway

So Mac and Homebrew users, install Flyway today through the shiny new Homebrew formula. It's there for you to enjoy!

P.S.: Don't forget to wish Flyway a happy birthday on Twitter as your favorite database migration tool just turned 5 today!

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