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New: Automate migration testing for Database CI

Flyway does a great job of enabling database migration. We know that many of our community use it as part of a Continuous Integration flow, and we’re looking at more ways in which it can help with that.

Our v1 of the service is available now, and available for you to try. This initial version spins up an empty database and runs integrity checks. Later releases will enable the hosting of real clones of your near-production database. We’re not only trying to make automating migration testing as simple as possible, but by using a hosted service we’re reducing the hassles for you.

Try Flyway Pre-flight checks by clicking here. You’ll need a GitHub login, but we provide a sample script and everything else that you need to get started.

We’d love to know what you think about Pre-flight checks, and any ideas you have for improvement, so please get in touch!