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Announcing: Open Office Hours

It probably won’t come as much surprise to know that at Redgate we have quite a lot of development teams. Obviously a lot of what we do is related, and collections of teams may collaborate on specific pieces of work - including with Flyway, we have the core Flyway team and another development team which is building on top of the Flwyay engine. However, we have a lot of autonomy around how we organise ourselves both within our teams and around keeping everyone else up to date with what’s going on. It is recognised that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for every team; an established open-source project has very different needs to an internal platform, a suite of desktop tools or a piece of speculative research work.

Early on in our existence we started a bi-weekly Office Hours - a remote meeting where we would have a short review of what had happened around Flyway in the previous fortnight and what we intended for the next one. The meetings were held on GoToWebinar so that people outside our office could take part or watch the video afterwards. This also gave us the opportunity to share screens and do demos. On occasion we would also invite people from outside the team to be presenters if they were working on something related to Flyway.

Office Hours proved to be a success - informative and lightweight to set up - and we’ve decided to take it to the next level by opening it to the Flyway community outside Redgate as well. If you’re interested in our future plans for Flyway, or what we’ve been working on recently, you are welcome to join us in our GoToWebinar session on Wednesday November 6th at 3 - 3.30pm GMT (UTC). We will be joined by Axel for our first session! One of us will facilitate the session and you will be able to ask questions in the built-in chat room - we can’t guarantee to answer everything in the time available but we will cover as much ground as we reasonably can.

We will publish a link to the meeting beforehand on our Twitter feed - these links are valid for one meeting only so there will be a new one each time. We’d be keen to hear your feedback after the event, to understand if our Open Office Hours is helpful to you and what we can improve in the future!

- Julia

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