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ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

Every six months or so ThoughtWorks publish their thoughts on the software industry and where it is heading. They call it the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar.

The Radar is divided in four broad categories (Techniques, Tools, Platforms and Languages and Frameworks) and serves as their general recommendation of what to adopt, try, assess or hold out to.

Thoughtworks Technology Radar July 2014


The latest edition of the Radar (July 2014) has now been published and Flyway is now their database migration tool of choice:

Thoughtworks Technology Radar July 2014


Here is what ThoughtWorks say about Flyway:


Automated database migrations are common on agile projects, and we are happy to see advances in the tools for this space. Flyway makes it as painless as possible to automate changes to databases. While not as feature-rich as some competing tools, we have used it on multiple projects and appreciate its low friction.


So if you haven't used Flyway yet, now is the perfect time to Get Started!

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