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5 new tutorials to start the year

2017 is behind us, and what a year it was!

First a few updates on Flyway itself.

Last year saw 3 significant Flyway releases. We first released Flyway 4.1.0, followed by Flyway 4.2.0 in April and then finally Flyway 5.0.0 in December. Flyway 5.0 brought a lot new things to the table, including new Pro and Enterprise Editions for advanced Flyway users needing features that go beyond what is included in the community edition.

It was also yet again another year of incredible growth for Flyway which grew over 268% from 1.6M downloads in 2016 to 4.3M in 2017. See for yourself:

Flyway downloads

New tutorials

Since the release of Flyway 5.0.0 we have continued pushing forward. We released 5 bug fix releases, the latest being Flyway 5.0.5, and we published 5 brand new tutorials. These tutorials are aimed at users that have already completed their first steps using Flyway and are ready to start exploring more advanced topics. Each tutorial is highly focused and takes about 5 minutes to complete.

So without further ado, here they are:

If you aren’t familiar with these topics, do take a few minutes to explore them. They are very useful features that can be lifesavers when you need them.

Enjoy and have a great 2018! We have many things in store for you. This is just the beginning!

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