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The check command is currently in beta. This feature will be available in future products, but during the beta phase you can access it through your Flyway Teams or Redgate Deploy license.

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check produces reports to increase confidence in your migrations.

Flyway migrates against a temporary database and compares this against the target database in order to generate a report. This temporary database will be cleaned before it is used, so you must ensure it does not contain anything of importance.

You can read more about the check concept here.


  • .NET 6 is required in order to generate reports. You can download it from here.


  • One or more flags must be present
Parameter Description
-changes Include pending changes that will be applied to the database
-drift Include changes applied out of process to the database

Configuration parameters:

Format: -key=value

Parameter Description
check.tempUrl [REQUIRED] URL for a temporary database. Note: This database will be cleaned!
check.tempUser Username for the temporary database. Defaults to ‘flyway.user’
check.tempPassword Password for the temporary database. Defaults to ‘flyway.password’
check.reportFilename [REQUIRED] Destination filename for reports

Usage Example:

flyway check -changes -url=jdbc:example:database -user=username -password=password -check.tempUrl=jdbc:example:tempdatabase
Example configuration file

Check for Oracle

When using Check with an Oracle database there are additional requirements.

If no schemas are specified in the configuration flyway.schemas, then the database connection username will be used as the default schema otherwise flyway.schemas will be used. These schema names are case-sensitive.