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Flyway Documentation

This documentation site is not updated. The new documentation can now be found on



Thank you for your desire to contribute to Flyway! There are many ways you can help!

Help other users on StackOverflow

Most users will start by asking questions under the flyway tag on StackOverflow.

Pick an unanswered question and earn some hard rep by sharing your knowledge. Other users won't be able to thank you enough!

Make another user happy

Improve the website

Have you found something that isn't quite as clear as it should be? Or is it simply wrong? No problem!

The website is backed by Git, Jekyll and GitHub pages. Pull requests welcome!

Make this website rock

Bug reports

Have you found a bug? Please let us know in the Issue Tracker.

Make sure to include the following:

  • how you run Flyway (API, Maven, Command-line, ...)
  • the steps needed to reproduce it
  • a small sample script (for bugs in the parser)
  • details about your environment (OS, DB incl. version)

Also, before you submit a new issue make sure to try again with the latest release and if possible the latest code in GitHub.

If someone else already submitted an issue for the same problem, leave a comment with +1.

Report a bug

Feature requests

Do you have an idea for a great feature? Please let us know in the Issue Tracker.

Make sure to do the following:

  • be as specific as possible
  • provide examples (so other people can better visualize what you mean)
  • think about the entire Flyway ecosystem and how it may apply to other parts
  • include details about the environment (OS, DB incl. version) where it will really shine

In general try to focus on quick wins, with a broad appeal.

If someone else already submitted an issue for the feature, leave a comment with +1.

Submit a feature request

Write code

Is there an issue in the issue tracker that you would like to implement? Great! We have a whole guide on how to get set up and how to proceed.

Submit an awesome pull-request

Contribute database support

Discovered that Flyway doesn't support your favorite database platform? Why not contribute the support yourself.

Contributing database support


Flyway wouldn't be what it is without the efforts of the many contributors. Thank you!

Hall of Fame