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Hall Of Fame

These people have contributed significantly to improve Flyway

Name Contribution
Axel Fontaine Project co-founder and lead
aaltergot Multiple SQLite fixes
ace130-github SAP HANA parsing fixes
Adam Green Multiple MySQL fixes
Adriano Machado SQL Server support
Aldas Improved Gradle Plugin extensibility
Alex Panchenko Minor command-line tool fix
Andrew Murray Version parsing fix
Andriy Binetskyy Minor sql parsing fix
Antti Virtanen Minor datasource configuration improvement
Aurélien Mino PostgreSQL clean fix
avesse Minor Clustrix compatibility fix
Awal11 Oracle Flashback table cleanup fix
azalesky Derby upgrade fix
Ben Manes Gradle Plugin
Brandon Bremen DB message output fix
Brian Chen Pivotal Greenplum support
Brian Hartin Fail fast for missing placeholders
Carlo Conserva SQLServer exception fix
Chris Wewerka DB2 Support and bug fixes
Christian Dedié Project co-founder, SBT plugin
Christine Teig DB2 z/OS support
Christoph Giess Bug fixes
Corin Fletcher Bug fixes
Dan Bunker FlywayCallback pre and post hooks for each operation
Dan Nawrocki Oracle Java Source & scheduled jobs clean
Daniel Garcia Bug fixes
Daniel Wilmer Customizable Jar Directory in Command-line tool
Darragh O'Toole DB2 parser improvements
Dave O'Flynn MySQL parser improvements
David Gundersen Oracle XML DB improvements
David M. Carr Gradle plugin ID changes
David Phillips StopWatch fix
Dmitry Bitman flyway.sh improvements
dzharikhin OSGi improvements
Dzmitry Lazerka Minor GAE fix
Emmanuel Potvin Java Web Start support
Eric Jain OSGi support
Erin Drummond Galera cluster fix
Eugen Pyanov Oracle Java Source clean
F481 Website screenshot updates
Fabio Lisboa PostgreSQL clean fix
Friedrich Schaeuffelhut Bug fixes
G. Richard Bellamy EnterpriseDB support
Greg Bujak Bug fixes
gregul Classpath scanner bug fix
Hurricane Hamilton OSGi metadata table create script loading fix
Jason Wong Sybase ASE support
Jean Revertera SQL Server clean improvements
Jeff Johnston SQL Server clean fix
Jens Berke PostgreSQL copy bug fix
Jeremy Smith Bug fixes
Jon Roler Bug fixes
J. Taylor O'Connor PlaceholderReplacement fix
Josh Mahonin Apache Phoenix Support
Juha Komulainen PostgreSQL clean improvements
Kamil Szymański JDK 7+ build compatibility
Karel Rank Error messages to stderr change
Kari Häkkinen ASE 15.7 compatibility fix
Kenji Yoshida Minor SBT docs fix
Konstantin Zmanovsky PostgreSQL parser improvements
Kris Mulica Bug fixes
Larivact Documentation fix
Leandro de Oliveira Maven alternate pom bug fix
Luc Degraef Bug fixes
Lukasz Rozek Java Web Start support, SQL Server clean bug fix, Cygwin bug fix
Maksim Serebro WebSphere classpath scanning fix
Marcin Jancewicz WebSphere classpath scanning
Markus Umefjord DB2 clean fixes
Martin Baillie Cleaning DB2 stored procedures and functions
Mathias Sulser Initial travis-ci integration
Matt Garner DB2 clean for versioned tables
Michael Forstner solidDB support
Michael Meyer OSGi support for all OSGi containers
Michael Verrilli Vertica parsing fix
Michael Yaakoby Expose flyway.current in Maven build
Michal Lisiecki Oracle cluster clean
Mircea Pop Gradle plugin error message improvements
mojoo Oracle parsing fix
Nathan Vick HP Vertica and Amazon Redshift support
Nayan Hajratwala Minor pom.xml cleanups
Nick Golubev Parser bug fix
Nick Strecker Minor SBT docs fix
octavian Bug fixes
Pascal Gruen DB2 and Derby parsing fix
Patrick Malouin PostgreSQL parsing fix
Pavel Boldyrev Migration Exception root cause fix
Philipp Gaschütz Initial PostgreSQL support
pingw33n Oracle reference-partitioned tables support
Piotr Wielgolaski MigrationVersion performance, Gradle plugin fixes, Cygwin support, Travis-CI integration improvements
Radek Mensik Oracle parsing fix
Ray Holder Gradle plugin Java 6 support fix
Regis Leray Minor Maven plugin fix
Renat Sabitov Minor OSGi fix
Roger Brechbühl Clean for Oracle queue tables
Sabine Gallus solidDB support
Sanjay Deshmukh Quiet mode for command-line & current version for target
Seb Brousse settings.xml support in Maven plugin
soemeier Oracle parser fix
stembler Bug fixes
Sten Røkke DB2 z/OS fixes
Stephan Pauxberger FlywayConfiguration, skipDefaultResolvers and DB2 Trigger clean
Sylvain Guillopé Windows bash script fix
Tero Keski-Valkama skip support in Maven Plugin
thelateperseus Update count log
Thomas Jung Version parsing fixes
Thomas Meyer Classpath scanner fixes
Tom Stordy-Allison Maven plugin change to also use the test classpath
tsbx Oracle Flyway 4.0 upgrade fix
turbohappy MySQL performance improvements
Victor Osolovskiy Many Oracle fixes and improvements
ysobj Oracle parsing fix

Thank you so much!

Please do not hesitate to let us know if we missed anyone or if failed to properly attribute a contribution.

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