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Flyway Documentation

This documentation is deprecated. The new documentation can now be found on


First Steps: Command-line

This brief tutorial will teach how to get up and running with the Flyway Command-line tool. It will take you through the steps on how to configure it and how to write and execute your first few database migrations.

This tutorial should take you about 5 minutes to complete.


Start by downloading the Flyway Command-line Tool for your platform and extract it.

Configuring Flyway

Let’s now jump into our new directory created from downloading Flyway:

> cd flyway-9.8.1

Configure Flyway by editing /conf/flyway.conf, like this:


Creating the first migration

Now create your first migration in the /sql directory called V1__Create_person_table.sql:

create table PERSON (
    ID int not null,
    NAME varchar(100) not null

Migrating the database

It’s now time to execute Flyway to migrate your database:

flyway-9.8.1> flyway migrate

If all went well, you should see the following output:

Database: jdbc:h2:file:./foobardb (H2 1.4)
Successfully validated 1 migration (execution time 00:00.008s)
Creating Schema History table: "PUBLIC"."flyway_schema_history"
Current version of schema "PUBLIC": << Empty Schema >>
Migrating schema "PUBLIC" to version 1 - Create person table
Successfully applied 1 migration to schema "PUBLIC" (execution time 00:00.033s)

Adding a second migration

If you now add a second migration to the /sql directory called V2__Add_people.sql:

insert into PERSON (ID, NAME) values (1, 'Axel');
insert into PERSON (ID, NAME) values (2, 'Mr. Foo');
insert into PERSON (ID, NAME) values (3, 'Ms. Bar');

and execute it by issuing:

flyway-9.8.1> flyway migrate

You now get:

Database: jdbc:h2:file:./foobardb (H2 1.4)
Successfully validated 2 migrations (execution time 00:00.018s)
Current version of schema "PUBLIC": 1
Migrating schema "PUBLIC" to version 2 - Add people
Successfully applied 1 migration to schema "PUBLIC" (execution time 00:00.016s)


In this brief tutorial we saw how to:

  • install the Flyway Command-line tool
  • configure it so it can talk to our database
  • write our first couple of migrations

These migrations were then successfully found and executed.

Read the documentation