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Flyway Documentation



Status legend

  • On the radar: this means we're aware of a desire for this feature, or capability. We're not working on it in a meaningful way, but encourage you to lobby for us to look into it by upvoting issues in the Flyway repo
  • In research: this means we're actively thinking about a new feature, capability or improvement. At this stage we're in learning mode trying to understand the problem, how to design the solution and how it positively contributes to Flyway.
  • In planning: this means we've completed our initial research and we're preparing to undertake the work to design and develop the feature or capability.
  • In development: this means we're actively developing the feature or capability.
  • In beta: this means we've completed our first round of development and internal testing, now we're looking for real-world testing
  • Released: this means the feature or capability is Generally Available, and in which Flyway edition you can use it.

Our approach to development

The general priority is first bug fixes and documentation improvements. Then come new features.

For more details, check out the milestone plan on GitHub.