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Flyway Documentation

This documentation is deprecated. The new documentation can now be found on


Tutorial: Custom Validation Rules

Flyway Teams

This brief tutorial will teach you how to customize your validation rules.


Flyway validates your migrations according to its own conventions, however as the lifetime of a project increases there will inevitably be hotfixes, deleted migrations and other changes that break the conventions of Flyway’s validation.

ignoreMigrationPatterns let’s you add your own validation rules to tell Flyway which migrations are valid.

You can read about how to configure ignoreMigrationPatterns here. In summary, ignoreMigrationPatterns allows you to specify a list of patterns of the form type:status and any migration that matches any of these patterns is ignored during validate.

You can see a video showing how to use ignoreMigrationPatterns parameter here.

Example: Ignore missing repeatable migrations and pending versioned migrations

Let’s assume our schema history table is as follows:

| Category   | Version | Description | Type | Installed On | State   | Undoable |
| Repeatable |         | repeatable  | SQL  |      ...     | Missing |          |
| Versioned  | 1       | first       | SQL  |              | Pending | No       |

We have a missing repeatable migration repeatable and a pending versioned migration first. Running flyway validate will fail for both of these migrations, erroring that there is a Detected applied migration not resolved locally and Detected resolved migration not applied to database.

While the default behavior of validate here causes an error, you may not want to error in this scenario.

What if repeatable was deleted intentionally? This can be the case when it is infeasible to keep every migration. In particular, you might delete repeatable migrations but not versioned migrations, and you need a way for validate to reflect this. In the case of first, if you are validating before applying new migrations then you don’t want to fail on any pending migrations. Instead, you want to ensure that migrations that have been applied up to now can be successfully validated instead.

Achieving the desired result only requires passing a list of patterns to ignoreMigrationPatterns with the value repeatable:missing,versioned:pending. flyway validate will no longer fail for missing repeatable migrations or pending versioned migrations.


In this brief tutorial we saw how to:

  • Configure ignoreMigrationPatterns to ignore missing repeatable migrations and pending versioned migrations