Interface MigrationExecutor

  • public interface MigrationExecutor
    Executes a migration.
    • Method Detail

      • execute

        void execute​(Context context)
              throws java.sql.SQLException
        Executes the migration this executor is associated with.
        context - The context to use to execute the migration against the DB.
        java.sql.SQLException - when the execution of a statement failed.
      • canExecuteInTransaction

        boolean canExecuteInTransaction()
        Whether the execution can take place inside a transaction. Almost all implementation should return true. This however makes it possible to execute certain migrations outside a transaction. This is useful for databases like PostgreSQL and SQL Server where certain statement can only execute outside a transaction.
        true if a transaction should be used (highly recommended), or false if not.
      • shouldExecute

        boolean shouldExecute()
        Whether the migration associated with this executor should be executed or not.
        true if the migration should be executed, or false if not.