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Flyway Documentation

Command-line: clean

Drops all objects (tables, views, procedures, triggers, …) in the configured schemas.
The schemas are cleaned in the order specified by the schemas property.



> flyway [options] clean


Option Required Default Description
url YES The jdbc url to use to connect to the database
driver NO Auto-detected based on url The fully qualified classname of the jdbc driver to use to connect to the database
user NO The user to use to connect to the database
password NO The password to use to connect to the database
connectRetries NO 0 The maximum number of retries when attempting to connect to the database. After each failed attempt, Flyway will wait 1 second before attempting to connect again, up to the maximum number of times specified by connectRetries.
initSql NO none The SQL statements to run to initialize a new database connection immediately after opening it.
defaultSchema NO The default schema for the database connection The default schema managed by Flyway. This schema name is case-sensitive.


  • This schema will be automatically set as the default one during the migration.
  • This schema will also be the one containing the schema history table.
  • If this schema is not specified then it will default to the first member of schemas.
schemas NO The default schema for the database connection Comma-separated list of schemas managed by Flyway. These schema names are case-sensitive.


  • Flyway will automatically attempt to create all these schemas, unless the first one already exists.
  • The schemas will be cleaned in the order of this list.
  • If Flyway created them, the schemas themselves will as be dropped when cleaning.
  • defaultSchema will default to the first member of this list if not explicitly specified.
Read more about Flyway support for multiple schemas in our FAQs
color NO n/a (Command line flag only) Whether to colorize output. If set to 'auto', will print color if a console is detected. Defaults to 'auto'. (always, never, or auto)
jarDirs NO <install-dir>/jars Comma-separated list of directories containing JDBC drivers and Java-based migrations
callbacks NO Comma-separated list of fully qualified class names of Callback implementations to use to hook into the Flyway lifecycle.
skipDefaultCallbacks NO false Whether default built-in callbacks (sql) should be skipped. If true, only custom callbacks are used.
cleanDisabled NO false Whether to disable clean. This is especially useful for production environments where running clean can be quite a career limiting move.
validateMigrationNaming NO false Whether to ignore migration files whose names do not match the naming conventions.

If false, files with invalid names are ignored and Flyway continues normally. If true, Flyway fails fast and lists the offending files.
workingDirectory NO default for client The working directory to consider when dealing with relative paths for both config files and locations.
licenseKey NO none Your Flyway license key (FL01...). Not yet a Flyway Pro or Enterprise Edition customer? Request your Flyway trial license key to try out Flyway Pro and Enterprise Edition features free for 30 days.

Sample configuration

flyway.initSql=SET ROLE 'myuser'

Sample output

> flyway clean

Flyway 7.5.4 by Redgate

Cleaned database schema 'PUBLIC' (execution time 00:00.014s)

Command-line: info