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Flyway Documentation

Script Config Files

It’s possible to configure SQL migrations on a per-script basis.

This is achieved by creating a script configuration file alongside the migration. The script configuration file name must match the migration file name, with the .conf suffix added.

For example, a migration file V2__my_script.sql would have a script configuration file V2__my_script.sql.conf.

Script Config Files have a subset of the options from the other ways of configuring Flyway (e.g. flyway.conf). See the Reference at the bottom of the page for the complete list of options.


Script config files have the following structure:

# Settings are simple key-value pairs


# Encoding of this SQL migration. Caution: changing the encoding after this migration has been run
# will invalidate the calculated checksum and require a `flyway repair`.

# Manually determine whether or not to execute this migration in a transaction. This is useful for
# databases like PostgreSQL and SQL Server where certain statements can only execute outside a transaction.