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Choose your Flyway Edition

Choose your Flyway edition based on the features and support level you require

Community Edition Teams Edition
SQL-based migrations
Java-based migrations
Repeatable migrations
Placeholder replacement
Custom migration resolvers/executors
Safe for multiple nodes in parallel
Native SQL dialect support (PL/SQL, SQLPL, T-SQL, ...)
Java 8/9/10/11/12/13 compatibility
Guaranteed database support timeline5 years10 years
Oracle SQL*Plus compatibility
Error Overrides
Statement-level callbacks
Dry runs
Toggle display of query results
LicenseApache v2Commercial
Maven Repository
Source Code included
SupportCommunityEmail (2 business days)
PriceFree3000 USD per year
per 10 schemas in production
(25 USD per schema per month)
unlimited for dev and test
Automatic renewaloptional
Payment methods acceptedCredit card, wire transfer, purchase order
Pricing Details

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We also offer discounts for multi-year upfront payments and redistributable licenses.
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