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Tutorial: Error Handlers

Flyway Pro

This tutorial assumes you have successfully completed the First Steps: Maven tutorial. If you have not done so, please do so first. This tutorial picks up where that one left off.

This brief tutorial will teach how to use Error Handlers. It will take you through the steps on how to create and use them.


Error Handlers are a great fit for situations where you may want to:

  • treat an error as a warning as you know your migration will handle it correctly later
  • treat a warning as an error as you prefer to fail fast to be able to fix the problem sooner
  • perform an additional action when a specific error or warning is being emitted by the database

Reviewing the status

After having completed the First Steps: Maven, you can now execute

bar> mvn flyway:info

This should give you the following status:

[INFO] Database: jdbc:h2:file:./target/foobar (H2 1.4)
| Category  | Version | Description         | Type | Installed On        | State   |
| Versioned | 1       | Create person table | SQL  | 2017-12-22 15:26:39 | Success |
| Versioned | 2       | Add people          | SQL  | 2017-12-22 15:28:17 | Success |

Adding a broken migration

In this tutorial we’re going to simulate the case where a broken sql statement should be ignored.

So let’s start by adding a new migration called src/main/resources/db/migration/V3__Invalid.sql:

broken sql statement;

If we migrate the database using

bar> mvn flyway:migrate

it will fail as expected:

[ERROR] Migration V3__Invalid.sql failed
[ERROR] --------------------------------
[ERROR] SQL State  : 42001
[ERROR] Error Code : 42001
[ERROR] Message    : Syntax error in SQL statement "BROKEN[*] SQL STATEMENT "; expected "BACKUP, BEGIN, {"; SQL statement:
[ERROR] broken sql statement [42001-191]
[ERROR] Location   : /bar/src/main/resources/db/migration/V3__Invalid.sql (/bar/src/main/resources/db/migration/V3__Invalid.sql)
[ERROR] Line       : 1
[ERROR] Statement  : broken sql statement

Creating an Error Handler

Now let’s create an Error Handler that will trap invalid statements in our migrations and simply log a warning instead of failing with an error.

Start by

  • adding the flyway-core dependency to our pom.xml
  • configuring the Java compiler for Java 8
  • configuring Flyway to use our new error handler
<project xmlns="...">

Now create the migration directory src/main/java/db/errorhandler.

Followed by the error handler called src/main/java/db/errorhandler/InvalidStatementErrorHandler.java:

package db.errorhandler;

import org.flywaydb.core.api.errorhandler.Context;
import org.flywaydb.core.api.errorhandler.Error;
import org.flywaydb.core.api.errorhandler.ErrorHandler;
import org.flywaydb.core.api.logging.Log;
import org.flywaydb.core.api.logging.LogFactory;

public class InvalidStatementErrorHandler implements ErrorHandler {
    private static final Log LOG = LogFactory.getLog(InvalidStatementErrorHandler.class);

    public boolean handle(Context context) {
        for (Error error : context.getErrors()) {
            if ("42001".equals(error.getState()) && error.getCode() == 42001) {
                LOG.warn("Ignoring invalid statement");
                return true;
        return false;

Finally compile the project, clean and migrate again using

bar> mvn clean compile flyway:clean flyway:migrate

And we now get:

[INFO] Database: jdbc:h2:file:./target/foobar (H2 1.4)
[INFO] Successfully validated 3 migrations (execution time 00:00.007s)
[INFO] Creating Schema History table: "PUBLIC"."flyway_schema_history"
[INFO] Current version of schema "PUBLIC": << Empty Schema >>
[INFO] Migrating schema "PUBLIC" to version 1 - Create person table
[INFO] Migrating schema "PUBLIC" to version 2 - Add people
[INFO] Migrating schema "PUBLIC" to version 3 - Invalid
[WARNING] Ignoring invalid statement
[INFO] Successfully applied 3 migrations to schema "PUBLIC" (execution time 00:00.039s)

And as we were expecting we now had a successful execution with a warning instead of an error.


In this brief tutorial we saw how to

  • create Error Handlers
  • configure Flyway to load and execute them

Read the Error Handlers documentation