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Flyway MySQL


Version control for your MySQL database

Automate the deployments of your MySQL database using your SQL.

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In 2020, we helped

18,190 users of MySQL build and deploy their databases

Easy database migrations

Use version control to make your MySQL migrations automatic and easy.

Effortless to use

Deploy your own MySQL scripts
with ease.

Why database migrations?

Deployment automation

Spend time solving hard problems, not deploying scripts manually.

How does Flyway work?

Database DevOps

Using Flyway to deploy your MySQL changes supports your CI/CD processes.

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For non-JVM users and environments without build tools

$ flyway migrate -url=... -user=... -password=...
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Migrate directly from within your application

Flyway flyway = Flyway.configure().dataSource(url, user, password).load(); 
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Seamless integration with Maven 2/3 builds

> mvn flyway:migrate -Dflyway.url=... -Dflyway.user=... -Dflyway.password=...
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Seamless integration with Gradle builds

> gradle flywayMigrate -Dflyway.url=... -Dflyway.user=... -Dflyway.password=...
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Straightforward, simple execution

Take your MySQL database from one version to the next using a single command. It even works with an empty database.

Standard SQL

Use your SQL scripts as written for MySQL without any proprietary JSON, XML or other formats. Placeholder replacement ensures your queries will just work.

Programmable deployments

Add the ability to use shell scripts or Java to your database deployments to manage data migrations and more.

Dependency free

With a JDBC driver for your MySQL database, you’re ready for deployments.

Deploy where your database lives

With full support for common cloud platforms, you can deploy to where your databases are located: Amazon RDS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Heroku and more.

Simplified testing

With a single command, you can reset the entire schema in order to make testing easier.

Greater consistency

Validation prior to deployment ensures more protection for your MySQL databases.

Speedy deployments

You can deploy to multiple machines in parallel.

Configuration taken care of

Automatically discover SQL and Java migrations with filesystem and classpath scanning.

MySQL in the cloud

Full support for the latest on-premises versions and cloud-based versions like Aurora MySQL.

Flyway supports MySQL

Along with 20+ other relational databases.

Aurora MySQL
Percona XtraDB cluster
SQL Server
Aurora PostgreSQL
Sybase ASE

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"The best value for us is the traceability of who deployed what and when, and that we can deploy changes to production faster."

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Carlos Robles

Carlos Robles

Data Platform MVP & Flyway expert

"Flyway is easy to use and a tool that provides you a very flexible framework to work on your database migrations in a very reliable way."

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