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Having trouble? We are here to help.

Community Support

Couldn't find what you were looking for in the documentation? StackOverflow is your friend and definitely the best place to go to for answers. There are literally hundreds of answers under the flyway tag. Read up and ask the community a question if you can't find an answer.

Professional Support

Want to have to peace of mind someone will be there to assist you when need it? We have a dedicated support team that is always happy to help you.

Simply choose the professional support subscription that suits your organisation best:

Light Business Enterprise
Response Time 3 business days 2 business days 2 business days
Pre-release access Yes Yes Yes
Contact Email Email Email / Skype / Phone
Scope Defects Defects + Consultancy Defects + Consultancy
Remote Consultancy Not included 8 hours (4 x 2 hours) 24 hours (12 x 2 hours)
Price per year Contact us Contact us Contact us

For more information about our professional support subscriptions, contact us at [email protected]

Need a feature or a bug fix? No problem. Cast your vote in the Issue Tracker.

If it fits the vision of the project, we'll put it on the roadmap and implement it in one of the future releases.

Do you need it faster and want to avoid the many costs and hassles of doing it yourself? We can help you.

You also have the option to sponsor the bug fix or feature.

This has many benefits:

And yes, this always includes free maintenance for all future releases.

The price will cover developer time and will depend on the scope of the feature.

Contact us to Sponsor a Feature


Interested in Flyway and how to best integrate it in a Continuous Delivery workflow?

Join one of our intensive two day hands-on trainings about Architecting for Continuous Delivery and Zero Downtime.

Continuous Delivery is all the hype these days. This training makes it a reality. We start with an overview of what Continuous Delivery is and how it can help you. We then quickly dive into the details. You will learn what it takes to architect a Java application so that it can be delivered continuously into production, with code, configuration and database delta, multiple times a day, with Zero Downtime.

Buckle up! This class is intensive and hands-on. You build an entire Java web app to the point where it deploys continuously, with zero downtime. We tackle the hard problems with a battle-tested approach you will be able to apply immediately.

If you are an architect or a developer and want to gain a solid understanding of the techniques you need to make Continuous Delivery and Zero Downtime a success, this training is for you.

More info and upcoming dates